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Allow google app engine project to access storage bucket of the other project

  1. Go to Google Developer console and open the project where you want to have an access to storage bucket of another project
  2. Open menu “Permissions” and go to the tab “Service accounts”
  3. Copy the account ID marked as “App Engine default service account” (should be something like
  4. Switch in the console to the project with storage bucket
  5. Go to the menu “Storage” and call the menu on the bucket you want to share (3 dots on the right side) and select “Edit bucket permissions”
  6. Add new item with “User” as entity putting there the copied above account ID, select appropriate permission (read, write, owner)

That’s it.

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Delete local and remote branches, sync deleted branches

Show all the branches (local and remote) tracked in the local git repository:

git show-branch --all

Delete local branch:

git branch -d local_branch

If remote branch was deleted, it is still tracked locally, to remove from local tracking do the following:

git fetch -p

The command will delete (-p – prune) locally tracked branches which do not exist remotely


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