Space disappearing on Mac

One day I noticed that the free space started to disappear on my macbook pro (and even deleting files did not free any byte), I had a difference in 100Gb  between the commands `sudo du -shg /` (space used) and `df -h` (actually free available space).  After hours of googling I’ve managed finally to fix the issue (found out that the space disappeared because my time machine worked in a wrong way ) doing the following

  • Disabling time machine in System Preferences
  • Using command line utility tmutil `tmutil thinlocalsnapshots / 1000000000 1` to shrink the space used by time machine
  • Rebooting the mac into the save mode and staying there for about 5 minutes

Making that note just in case I have that problem again to spare the time but in hope that I do not need to use it anymore ( but probably it will help somebody else). I faced this time machine issue first time for 7 years of Macbook usage 😦

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