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Right way to create splash screen for Android in Xamarin Forms app

Usually Splash screen for Android is done with separate activity and even official docs on Microsoft website suggesting this way for Xamarin.Forms but it is not correct as splash screen is needed only to fill the time gap between the moment when user taps the icon to start the app the the moment when app is ready for interaction. Creating separate activity, showing it and then switching to actual activity makes the start even longer.

Below is the correct way of splash screen implementation for Xamarin Forms for Android, the app will start without any delay if you follow the tutorial below.

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Cannot recover macOS High Sierra?

I ran into this issue when tried to recover old macbook air with lost admin password. Choosing recovery did not help as it always ended with error message “recovery server could not be contacted”.

As I discovered it happened because macbook time was not in sync with apple servers, so the following command in terminal helped to resolve the issue:

ntpdate -u


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