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Create ipa file for iPhone without signing to Apple (command line)

terminal-iconExporting to ipa file from XCode requires to login to Apple before doing that while you can have already all signing prerequisites locally on your Mac.

You can avoid login if you run the command below from in terminal (you can find the the path to your archive  by right clicking on it in XCode after archiving and “reveal in Finder”):


xcodebuild -exportArchive -archivePath "ArchiveName.xcarchive" -exportPath "ExportedIpaFileName" -exportFormat ipa -exportProvisioningProfile "YourProvisionProfile" ENABLE_BITCODE=YES


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Creating geojson file for the app with maps before publishing it on AppStore

I recently published iOS app developed with Xamarin where maps API were used. Using maps API in iOS requires to create .geojson file to show the area which should be covered with routing for your app before publishing this app in AppStore.

Creating this kind of file is quite easy, it was just a square around Minsk city in my case but it was not obvious how to create this file when you never did it before.

The file should look like this:

 "type": "MultiPolygon",
 "coordinates": [[[

I used the website to create the initial file and the website to test it with the changes to be appropriate with the sample above (there was an issue with quantity of brackets with the file, geojsonlint helped me to find this error)


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Detect in Xamarin.Forms if the app is running in simulator or on real device

Sometimes you need to detect if you are using simulator (emulator) or real device, typical example can be the situation when you are running the webservices used by your application on the same computer where you are running simulator and you would like quickly check how it is working altogether.

There are separate solutions for iOS here:
And for Android here:

I just gathered them altogether and created dependency service for Xamarin.Forms application

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Creating cross-platform mobile map application with Xamarin in 10 minutes

Quick tutorial: how to create mobile app with maps using Xamarin just in 10 minutes.


  • Mac computer with installed XCode and Xamarin Studio
  • Subscription to any Xamarin plan starting from Indie and above
  • Basic C# skills

1. Start new solution in Xamarin Studio, select Cross-platform App -> Blank Xamarin.Forms.App


2. Call the project MapDemo (or any other name you like), check both Android & iOS platforms and use Portable Class Library

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 23.53.08

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