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Sending mail using TLS with Go

As I did not find any example of go program which is sending UTF-8 mail with TLS, I decided to create my own go package with this functionality + example, find more details here:


Mail message can be sent this easy:


mail := tlsmail.TLSMail{
	Host:     "",  
	Port:     "465",                           
	Sender:   "",        
	Password: "123456",                        
	TO:       []string{""},
	Subject:  subject,                       
	Body:     body,                          

err := mail.Send()

if err != nil {
	log.Println("Mail send failure: " + err.Error())
} else {
	log.Println("Mail sent successfully")


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Config library for golang

Publishing config library to be used with go, it stores/loads structure as JSON file, so you can use it to keep options of your app:

Example of using:

There are only 5 functions:

  • SaveConfig – saving configuration from structure into the file
  • LoadConfig – loading configuration from file into the structure
  • SearchForConfigFile – search for config file in different locations
  • GetLocalPath – get current path where executable app is running
  • GetUserPath – get user home folder

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Night Notes MD – welcome to the world of open source

Last years I’m using my own cross platform app (developed with QT/C++) to write and keep notes on my Mac and Windows computers, it is simple markdown editor/viewer which turns any your folder with text or markdown files into convenient app.

Additional features on top of standard Markdown:

  • internal links
  • keeping passwords, copying the password to clipboard by clicking links

Today I decided to give the app to the world and  make it open source

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 18.45.05

Link to the project:

If you want to try the app immediately, you can download dmg and install the app on your Mac OSX from here:


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